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We love seeing beer people help other beer people. Brewing isn't always the easiest game to be in, and it's companies like Kings & Convicts that make craft brewing such a special industry. We're also very excited to hear that Kings & Convicts will be expanding into our home state of Wisconsin. Great news for beer drinkers everywhere!

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We don't discriminate! Whether you're making beer, wine, cider, seltzer, coffee, kombucha, spirits, or any other beverage that can be put on a tap line, we've got you covered.

This article from Pacific San Diego shows the impact of the growing sector of seltzers, spirits and other alternative beverages on the craft market. One of the things we love about this industry is it's diversity and open-mindedness about new and experimental beverages, there is truly room for every type of taste!

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There's still time to win FREE custom taster trays for your brewery! All you have to do is post a picture of your tap handles to Instagram using the #ajsgiveaway2

OFFER EXPIRES ON 12/16/2019. Winner will be selected within the following week. Prize includes five  trays. All images must include tap handles produced by Hankscraft AJS. Images that showcase Hankscraft AJS tap handles must be appropriate for all ages to be considered for the contest. The winner will have to send us vector art and will have to select one tray design to be produced. Images used in past contests for Hankscraft AJS cannot be re-entered.

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